Digital Manifold

Digital Manifold

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The Digital Manifold is available with a refrigeration manifold, wherein 40 refrigerants can be efficiently stored. With these devices, the calculation of sub-cooling as well as super-heating is possible in parallel. Offered with 999 hours of recording readings, the set is included with a clamp temperature probe so as to measure the surface temperature of pipes. Buying these refrigeration manifolds can perfectly provide the quick & dependable measurements on the heat pumps and refrigeration systems along with temperature-compensated tightness attempts. Furthermore, the devices is capable to calculate the super-heating as well as sub-cooling at the same time. Provided Digital Manifold enables the storage of 40 refrigerants ass well as the process of sub-cooling calculation & simultaneous super-heating.

Key Points :

  • Enable to analyze, measure and log - among other things - temperature, pressure, vacuum measurements and electricity.
  • These can record more than 999 h measurement values.
  • The pressure gauges provided are appropriate for all measurement projects on the heat pumps as well as the refrigeration systems.
  • Included with PC software, USB cable, power adapter, 2-clamp temperature sensor, carry case etc.