Clamp meter

Clamp meter

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Clamp meter

Testo 770- the clamp meter family, ideally suited for current measurement in switching cabinets. The testo 770-1 for daily measuring tasks, including starting current measurement, testo 770-2 with both μA area and a temperature measurement by means of an optional thermocouple adapter type K and testo 770-3 for calculating all output ratings, has a Bluetooth interface and the possibility of connecting to the testo Smart Probes App to show the measuring profile as a graph or to document it directly in a report.


  • Unique grab mechanism makes it easier to work at tight measuring points

  • Inrush current measurement

  • True root mean square measurement – TRMS

  • Power measurement

  • Auto AC/DC for current and voltage

  • With additional functions, such as starting current, power and μA measurement

  • Temperature adapter for temperature measurement –for Thermocouple-K-type

  • Large two-line display

  • Bluetooth and testo Smart Probes App